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Unique Selling Points

  • Effective solution in the field of sports supplements - Our main area of activity is functional food, and our products are effective support for physically active individuals. Thanks to the precise selection of ingredients, careful analysis of needs, and regular testing, we offer products that support achieving training goals, improving performance, optimizing recovery, or overall well-being.

  • Experienced team for new product development - Our undeniable asset is an experienced team of specialists with several years of experience in the sports supplements industry, who not only have deep knowledge but also scientific degrees. In our team, we have doctors and doctoral students actively involved in research on our products. Our product development experts are not only experienced practitioners but also committed scientists, which gives our projects an innovative dimension. We work together, integrating diverse perspectives, enabling us to achieve excellent results and create high-quality supplements based on solid scientific foundations.

  • Fully sugar-free formulations - We are proud of our offering of fully sugar-free formulations of our products. In concern for health and specific customer needs, we eliminate added sugars while still maintaining excellent taste and effectiveness. Our sugar-free formulas respond to the growing demand for products that support a healthy lifestyle while not compromising on intense flavor experience.

  • Rich experience - Our experience covers a wide range of products, including powders, liquids, and spreads, as well as confectionery products, including bakery products. Our team excels in the diversity of formulations and production technologies, adapting to the unique challenges associated with each type of product. Since 2021, our team has successfully modified over 3000 products, taking into account the latest trends and market expectations. We operate with passion and commitment to deliver products to customers that not only meet but exceed consumer expectations. We are proud of our achievements, including the introduction of over 50 innovative products to the market. Our ability to create and introduce innovative solutions confirms our leading role in the industry. It's not just numbers, but also successes and customer recognition that motivate us to further improvement.

  • Innovative product development - Our company stands out for its innovative approach to product development, especially in the field of sports supplements. We focus on a constant search for new solutions, tracking the latest trends, and applying modern technologies in the creation process. Thus, we provide our customers with products that not only meet current market expectations but also anticipate future consumer needs.


At Amerpharma, our "New Product Development" service is dedicated to customers seeking innovative and effective solutions in the field of sports supplements. Our team of experienced Research and Development department employees, with over 10 years of experience in the industry, is ready to provide you with comprehensive support during the creation of unique products. We work with various ingredients, including sugar-free and functional ones, to deliver products that meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Enjoy professional advice, and before starting cooperation, undergo an interview during which we will learn about your expectations before starting work, what functionality you would like to give to your product, and even what ingredients you prefer. Remember that our products do not contain sugar; instead, you can sweeten them with sweeteners, including natural stevia. Do not limit your imagination and contact us today about your dream product.

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