Protein spread

Unique Selling Points

  • High Protein Content - Our Protein Spreads are packed with a minimum of 24g of protein per 100g serving, providing a significant boost to your protein intake. This makes them an excellent choice for those aiming to support muscle growth and recovery.
  • No Added Sugar Indulgence - Enjoy the luscious flavors of white chocolate, salted caramel, toffee, and chocolate-hazelnut without the worry of added sugars. Our Protein Spreads are sweetened with erythritol, a natural sugar substitute, allowing you to satisfy your cravings guilt-free.
  • Health-Conscious Snacking - With their sugar-free formulation, our Protein Spreads are a healthier alternative to traditional spreads, making them suitable for individuals following sugar-restricted diets or those looking to reduce their sugar intake. They offer a delicious way to indulge while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.
  • Palm Oil-Free and Vegetarian-Friendly - We care about your well-being and the environment. Our Protein Spreads are free from palm oil, a feature that appeals to conscious consumers who prefer to avoid this ingredient. Additionally, they are suitable for vegetarians, catering to diverse dietary preferences.
  • Versatile and Delightful Flavors - Choose from our range of five enticing flavors, including white chocolate, salted caramel, toffee, and chocolate-hazelnut. Whether you spread it on toast, use it as a dip, or add it to your favorite recipes, our Protein Spreads offer a versatile and mouthwatering addition to your snacks and meals.


Introducing our Protein Spreads, a game-changer for your taste buds! Indulge in the delectable flavors of white chocolate, salted caramel, toffee, and chocolate-hazelnut, all without the guilt. These spreads are sugar-free, making them perfect for those looking to enjoy exceptional taste while maintaining a healthy diet. Packed with a minimum of 24g of protein per 100g serving, they are an excellent source of this vital nutrient, supporting muscle development and recovery. What's more, our spreads are palm oil-free, suitable for vegetarians, and prioritize both your well-being and the environment. Elevate your snacking experience with our Protein Spreads and savor the goodness with every bite.

Typical Ingredients & Nutrition Value

Shea fat, protein concentrate (from milk), sweetener: maltitol, cocoa powder (5,8%), hazelnuts (5,8%), emulsifier: rapseed lecithins, flavourings.

Nutritional value in 100 g of product in portion of 5 g
Energy 534 kcal 27 kcal
Fat 40,0 g 2,0 g
of which saturates 12,0 g 0,6 g
Carbohydrate 28,0 g 1,4 g
of which sugars 1,6 g 0,1 g
of which polyols 25,1 g 1 g
Fibre 2,8 g 0 g
Protein 24,0 g 1,2 g
Salt 0,01 g 0,00 g

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