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  • Development and modification of finished products - Our offer includes not only creating new products but also developing and modifying existing ones. The product development process involves introducing improvements, new ingredients, or formulas aimed at improving quality and adapting to the latest market trends. Product modification, on the other hand, is flexibility in adjusting existing products to changing customer expectations or new legislative requirements. Our team of experienced specialists is ready for challenges related to both innovative development and improvement of existing products to meet the dynamic market needs.

  • Product tailored to changing consumer needs - Our offer focuses on providing products that not only meet current needs but also flexibly adapt to evolving market requirements and consumer preferences. We create products that are ready for changes, and our team constantly monitors trends and customer feedback to ensure that our products always meet expectations and lead in the market of sports supplements, sugar-free, and functional products. Innovative product development - Our company stands out for its innovative approach to product development, especially in the field of sports supplements. We focus on a constant search for new solutions, tracking the latest trends, and applying modern technologies in the creation process. Thus, we provide our customers with products that not only meet current market expectations but also anticipate future consumer needs.

  • Professional advice - We offer professional advice based on the knowledge of our experienced team. Our experts provide support from the concept to the final product, providing precise information about ingredients, production processes, and compliance with applicable standards. We provide comprehensive assistance to customers, helping them make informed choices and achieve their intended goals in the field of sports supplementation.

  • Experienced team for new product development - Our asset is a team of specialists with several years of experience in the sports supplements industry. Our product development experts have deep knowledge, skills, and passion for creating innovative supplements. We work together, integrating diverse perspectives, enabling us to achieve excellent results and create high-quality products.


At Amerpharma, you will meet many reliable experts in the field of product development and modification. Customize existing products to changing market needs with our "Product Modification" service. Our experienced product development team, with deep knowledge of the sports supplements industry, will help you introduce significant modifications to improve the effectiveness and attractiveness of your products. Whether it's adjusting formulas, adding functionality, or eliminating unwanted ingredients, we are ready to meet your expectations. We will present you with a wide range of options for modifying your product and provide professional assistance before introducing products to the market. Regardless of the complex challenges, we aim to make your products even more competitive and attractive to customers.

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