High-protein meringues

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Unique Selling Points

  • Only 2 calories per unit - Enjoy the delicious taste of our meringues without any guilt, as they are sugar-free and contain only 2 calories per serving.
  • High protein - Our meringues are a protein-packed delight, offering a satisfying and nourishing treat. Each bite provides a boost of protein that can promote a balanced diet.
  • Nutrient rich - Not only are our meringues low in calories, but they also pack a punch of nutrition. They are high in protein and fiber, providing valuable nutrients and promoting a feeling of fullness.
  • Fat free - Enjoy the guilt-free pleasure of our fat-free meringues and maintain a balanced lifestyle.
  • No added sugar - Our meringues are carefully crafted with your health in mind. They are no added sugar and without preservatives and maltitol.


Discover the guilt-free pleasure of our no sugar added meringues with only 2 calories each. Made with your health in mind, they're free from sugar, maltitol, and preservatives. These low-calorie, high-protein treats melt in your mouth and come in natural, lemon, and strawberry flavors. Packaged elegantly, they make a perfect gift or sweet indulgence anytime. Experience the pure pleasure of our delicious meringues without the worry of calories or artificial additives.

Typical Ingredients & Nutrition Value

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