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Unique Selling Points

  • Source of carbohydrates and quick absorption - Its unique formula based on corn starch allows for faster digestion and absorption, ensuring that the carbohydrates are rapidly delivered to the muscles where they are needed most.
  • Effective training and recovery - By providing fast-acting carbohydrates, Vitargo supports optimal training intensity and aids in rapid post-workout recovery, helping athletes perform at their best.
  • Convenient and versatile - Vitargo comes in a powdered drink mix form, making it easy to use and suitable for consumption both before and after workouts.
  • No added sugar - Vitargo stands out for its formulation without any added sugar, making it a healthier choice for athletes who want to optimize their carbohydrate intake without the negative effects of added sugars.
  • Stable blood sugar levels - By excluding added sugars, Vitargo helps maintain stable blood sugar levels during training and recovery, preventing energy crashes and supporting sustained performance.


Vitargo is an innovative carbohydrate supplement widely used in the world of sports and fitness. It provides easily absorbable, high-purity carbohydrates. This powdered drink mix is convenient for pre- and post-workout use. Its key advantage is the rapid delivery of essential carbohydrates for effective training and recovery. Vitargo stands out from other carbohydrate supplements due to its unique formula based on corn starch, resulting in faster digestion and absorption. Experience the power of Vitargo, fueling your performance and pushing you beyond limits in your fitness journey.

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450 g Fully printed paper tube MOQ: 1000
750 g Doypack with label with scoop MOQ: 1000
1000 g PET jar with scoop MOQ: 300
1500 g Doypack with label with scoop MOQ: 1000

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