Potency drops for men with L-arginine, taurine, extracts form fruits od Schisandra chinensis and ginseng root

Unique Selling Points

  • Fresh Approach to Masculinity - Our functional drops for men's potency are more than just another supplement - they represent a revolutionary approach to male potency. With carefully selected ingredients, our product not only stimulates natural sexual functions but also boosts testosterone synthesis, making you feel more masculine and energized. It's not just an improvement in the bedroom - it's a change in your approach to life and self-confidence.
  • More Power, More Satisfaction - Each drop of our product is a shot of pure power and intense sensations. Our carefully curated ingredients not only enhance erection but also may increase semen production, ensuring you and your partner unforgettable moments full of ecstasy. With our drops, you can be sure that every encounter will be full of satisfaction and unforgettable experiences.
  • Pure Power, Zero Unnecessary Additives - When you reach for our product, you're reaching for the pure power of nature, free from harmful additives. The absence of sugar in the formula means you can enjoy the benefits of our drops without worrying about negative side effects. It's pure, unadulterated potency that works in harmony with your body, giving you full control over your intimate health.
  • Fast, Easy, Effective - Our drops are a fast track to a more fulfilling sex life, providing quick and certain results. Simple dosing makes using our product incredibly easy, and the convenient liquid form allows for rapid absorption of active ingredients, ensuring immediate effects.
  • For Those Who Care About Themselves - As a company dedicated to your health and well-being, we're proud that our drops are suitable for vegans. Regardless of your dietary preferences, you can rest assured that by choosing our product, you're opting for an ethical and healthy approach to life. With our drops, you can enjoy the fullness of your masculinity without compromise!


In our product, we've focused on utilizing active ingredients that have documented effects on improving men's sexual and reproductive health. One of the key ingredients is L-arginine, which not only is an amino acid but also plays a significant role in nitric oxide (NO) production. Studies, such as those conducted by Scibona and colleagues, suggest that regular intake of L-arginine can effectively improve sperm motility without negative side effects, indicating its potential in treating certain forms of male infertility.

Another crucial ingredient is taurine, which plays a vital role in various bodily functions, including men's reproductive health. Research, such as that conducted by Yang and others, suggests that taurine supplementation can significantly increase testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH) levels and improve sperm quality, underscoring its importance for male reproduction, especially later in life.

The extract of Chinese magnolia vine (Schisandra chinensis), traditionally used in Chinese medicine, has also gained attention from researchers due to its adaptogenic and antioxidant properties and its impact on the hormonal system and stress protection. Studies, such as those conducted by Xu et al. and Karna et al., indicate potential benefits of magnolia vine extract in improving sexual function in men, although further research is needed.

Lastly, but equally importantly, is ginseng (Panax ginseng), which is known for its traditional uses in improving sexual health. Research, such as the work of Tae-Hwan Kim and colleagues, has shown that ginseng can improve erectile function in men with erectile dysfunction, suggesting it may have a significant impact on enhancing male potency.

Our formula combines these ingredients to provide a comprehensive approach to improving men's sexual and reproductive health. By combining scientific knowledge with traditional treatment methods, our product offers support for men seeking improvement in these crucial areas.

Typical Ingredients & Nutrition Value

Water, carrier: propylene glycol, acidity regulator: citric acid, flavourings, L-arginine, Schisandra chinensis fruit extract (Schisandra Chinesnsis Baill ), Ginseng root extract 4:1 (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer), taurine, sweetener: sucralose, preservatives: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.

The product does not require nutritional values.

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