Amerpharma private label zero calorie, no sugar added syrup with sucralose, flavour white chocolate, 425 ml in pet bottleAmerpharma private label zero calorie, no sugar added syrup, 425 ml in pet bottle, application proposal with ice cream

Zero calorie syrups


Unique Selling Points

  • Zero calorie per serving - Our syrups offer an ideal option for individuals seeking to savor the flavor without adding any extra calories. With each portion containing zero calories, you can incorporate them into your diet without concerns of weight gain.
  • Convenient Squeeze Bottle - Packaged in a practical squeeze bottle, our fruit spread is easy to use and perfect for adding flavor to a variety of dishes.
  • No fat per serving - Say goodbye to added fats and unwanted calories, as our syrup is meticulously crafted to be completely fat-free. Indulge in the velvety smoothness of our syrup, knowing that it won't compromise your health or dietary goals. Embrace the freedom to create sumptuous beverages without worrying about the calorie content.
  • No added sugar formula - We understand the importance of catering to different dietary needs, which is why our Zero Calorie Syrups is proudly sugar-free. We've carefully crafted our recipe to provide natural sweetness without the use of any added sugars. Now you can relish the taste of sweetness while maintaining control over your sugar intake.
  • Suitable for vegetarians - Embracing the diversity of dietary choices, our product is specially crafted to cater to the needs of vegetarians. You can relish its flavors, knowing that it aligns perfectly with your dietary preferences.


Get ready to revolutionize your pancakes, rice waffles, yogurt, or ice cream with our mind-blowing Zero Calorie Syrups! They're the ultimate game-changer, instantly transforming your favorite meals into flavor-packed wonders. Our unique recipe ensures maximum taste sensation while keeping the calorie count at an impressive zero per serving. Perfect for those on a ketogenic diet, our syrups are crafted from top-quality ingredients, free from titanium white (E171), and packaged in transparent, 100% recyclable rPET bottles. With an array of exciting flavors, even the most discerning gourmet will be delighted.

Typical Ingredients & Nutrition Value

A detailed specification sheet for each flavor selected will be emailed to you in response to your inquiry.

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Select: Flavors

Black Currant - blueberry
Blue bubble gum
Chocolate - almond
Chocolate - banana
Chocolate - caramel
Chocolate - coconut
Chocolate - hazelnut
Chocolate - orange
Chocolate cookie
Cinnamon roll
Coconut - almond
Creamy toffee
Creme brulee
Dulce de leche
Forest fruit
Mashmallow foam
Milky cocoa
Peanut butter
Peanut butter with chocolate
Pear in caramel
Pineapple - coconut
Rhubarb - strawberry
Salted caramel
Sweet coffee
White chocolate

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Select: Size Variants

250 ml PET Bottle MOQ: 1440
350 ml PET Bottle MOQ: 1152
425 ml rPet Bottle MOQ: 864
425 ml PET Bottle MOQ: 864
500 ml PET Bottle MOQ: 720

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