Spray-on Flavour Drops

Life’s all about celebrating moments – what better way to do it than to add a little magic to your meals? Our amazing Spray-on Flavour Drops are an extraordinary addition to your dishes, enriching their aroma. Packed in a 50 ml bottle, our product is light, convenient and easily portable. This handy bottle with atomiser will fit in every kitchen or picnic basket.

Shake the product well before use. Spray 1-2 times over a meal and let the magic begin! Spray-on Flavour Drops are available in four delicious versions: chocolate, vanilla, caramel and maple.

Our unique formula combines the best quality ingredients and innovative technology to give you a versatile, easy to use product. Try them with your coffee, dessert, fruit or muesli. Our Spray-on Flavour Drops are 100% vegan and keto friendly. Now, adding flavour to your meals is easy as 1,2,3!

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